Planning a Low Stress Island Wedding

Wedding season is upon us and there are many blushing brides flipping through magazines and books, shopping vendors, and making phone calls to plan their wedding. Island weddings are among the most popular for couples of all ages. With so much to do, how do you plan a wedding while keeping the stress level to a minimum?

Create a Wedding Checklist

Pick a Date

The first thing that is needed is the perfect date. This can be a sentimental date or a date based on the time of year that is desired for the weather. Many couples choose this date together to accommodate work schedules and also family arrangements that may need to be made. Once the date is picked, it is time to start sharing this with loved ones. A popular idea for this is a Save the Date card.

Choose a Location/Venue

After the wedding date has been selected, the next step is to choose the location. When planning a wedding on an island, reviews from the internet are extremely helpful. Also, any first-hand experience told by friends or family on locations can be great. A Hawaii wedding is an exotic, tropical choice for many that can provide a destination wedding and create lasting memories for all.

Wedding Planner

It is a good idea to hire a wedding planner if a couple is getting married on an island they are unfamiliar with. This person can arrange everything from travel to wedding attire. Someone who knows the area is best as they can get all of the information needed regarding the wedding venue, the best hotels, photographers, local florists, and caterers. Many Hawaii wedding packages offer all-inclusive wedding arrangements such as this and they are easy and affordable.

Travel Arrangements

Arrangements for travel are best made when done early to get the best rates and make sure dates are open that are needed. Often times, companies will give a group rate for many people booking together such as the wedding party. Travel can also be booked through a travel agency for great rates.

While planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, it can also be stressful if not following a checklist. Having a friend or loved one to help along the way also takes the stress away. The most important thing to remember is that this is your special day so make the most of it!


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